Patio Table project


How was everyone’s weekend? My parents were in town this weekend to hang out and visit with their grand kids. It also helps that my brother and his family live her as well so they can kill two birds with one stone.

Before they came down I wanted to have a nice patio area outside that we could hang out with. We only have a few of those plastic chairs and a wicker love seat with ottoman. No table to sit at and hang out. All the patio sets that I had been looking at were like $300-$500 and I am definitely not looking into spending that much money for a set. So I was watching HGTV and one of the projects that they were doing was reclaiming a dinning table and I thought to myself that I have an extra table that we dont use in the attic and see if I could do something like that and make it last? I decided ” lets do this!”

I started with sanding the table top piece and the bottom piece. I used a 100 grit sanding paper so I could rough it up enough just to get that top shiny coat off, I ended with using a 220 grit just so I can buff it out and make sure it was smooth enough before I painted. (Note: I googled all this lovely information, because lets get serious, I don’t know how to do everything without seeing how it’s done first) Paint time!!! I used Silver mist by Sherman Williams. One of my girlfriends had some extra paint so I thought, why not, save me some money lol.  So after using a paint brush instead of a roller, my own personal preference, I made sure that the paint was dry enough for me to put on the finishing coat. Next up, polyurethane. This is the finishing touch. This is what is going to help keep your wood pieces from getting so bad in the weather. Texas has really hot summers so I need something that will keep up with that, plus, lots of rain in the spring time, so I need a good waterproof too. I used Minwax clear gloss urethane. Basically the same as a polyurethane, just has a few different chemical ingredients in it. So I painted all that on with the paint brush as well. ( Note: Make sure to read the can before starting with a polyurethane. I made the mistake of not reading it and just started painting with no gloves and my hands were sticky and it wouldn’t come off with just soap or water, because, HELLO, it’s waterproof haha.) So, quickly I had to google how in the hell I was going to get this sticky stuff of my hands, low and behold, mineral spirits. Of course, I didn’t have any so I had to run up to Ace real quick, buy a can and run back home and scrub it off with a wash cloth! So, wear gloves is all i’m askin’.

( Above: Here is some of the process as I went. )

And my table is finally complete!! I am so beyond excited. I cannot wait to put it outside and try it out. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on this project and I didn’t. I used stuff I already had and made it work. And the best is, it’s my own work and I’m feeling pretty damn proud of myself! I also didn’t want to be spending an arm and a leg on the chairs for it, so I looked at all the places that I would’ve gone to, at home, home depot, Target, Walmart, they all had good chairs, but Walmart ended up being the cheapest for me and they are just what I wanted.


Now, I am going to be getting an umbrella too, it’s going to have to be the one on the side of the table that hangs over because I’m not able to put a hole in the middle for one. And then of course I picked out a decor theme, which i decided on coastal/nautical. I have always wanted a theme like that somewhere at my house lol. Oh, I also put outdoor Christmas lights on the back of the house so that way there can be more light at night when I’m sitting out in the back enjoy the awesome Texas nights! Now, my backyard oasis is almost complete and I cannot wait to put an updated picture up when I’m all done!!!

I hope y’all enjoyed and maybe go out and try out a patio table for yourself 😉



6 thoughts on “Patio Table project

  1. Awesome job, it turned out great.

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  2. Super cute color!! Your backyard looks really nice ❤️ PS. I would have freaked with my hands being Sticky like that

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  3. Looks awesome!

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  4. Great job Em, looks amazing!

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  5. Thank you all!!! Super happy how it turned out!


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