Eat fat to lose fat?

Hey y’all! I just had my parents in town this past weekend and boy, let me tell you, I did not eat the way that I am used too!! Since January, I have been eating a keto lifestyle. Has anyone ever heard of that? It’s awesome and I love it. It’s like eating Paleo basically but not all the sugars and carbs. Still not having a clue? I’ll explain!

It’s called Ketogenic diet. Where you eat fat to burn fat. You heard it, you eat fat to burn the fat in your body! Crazy I know. It’s a high fat, low carb diet. Your body is used to you eating sugars and carbs, which helps give your body the insulin it needs to feed your energy, but sometimes people can eat to much carbs and sugars and your body doesn’t know what to do with it, so it stores it in the fat cells, which then it makes it harder for our bodies to get rid of that extra fat that we get. You do get to include some protein while doing this diet, but you do need to be careful and make sure that you don’t eat over the amount that your macros allow you ( we will touch back on what your macros are). If you go over your allotted protein for the day, it then breaks down into glucose in the body and starts to make insulin which defeats the purpose to you eating keto in the first place. When you first start out, you need to input some of your numbers, like weight, height, if you are active or just sedentary. It will then calculate how much fat, protein and carbs you are able to have for the day.


When first starting out with keto, it can take a hot minute for your body to get adjusted from it going from glucose to fat to use for energy, so some people get what’s called “keto flu” symptoms of nausea, fatigue, dizziness, headache and leg cramps. Your body isn’t getting the amount of electrolytes its supposed to have as well, which is why these feelings can start for some people, so adding just a little more fat it into your diet can help. More sodium, some bone broth, a little more fat, or some cheese, an extra fat bomb. They also have something called “liquid IV” that you can purchase on amazon. It’s pre-packaged sticks that have all the electrolytes that we sometimes are missing. It also is one bottle of water equal to 3,which helps you feel more hydrated.

Before starting out on this journey, I made sure that I did tons of research on all of this. Me being in the medical field and hearing “you eat nothing but fat to lose fat” first thing in my head is, ” um, what about your cholesterol? Or fatty liver?” So the answer to that question that I have found is that, you aren’t eating the bad fats which is what contributes to the high cholesterol and the fatty liver, it’s the bad fats that we eat that is doing the wrong to our bodies. Good fats, such as avocado, omega-3, coconut oil, peanut butter (all natural) those kind of good fats. Bad fats are the processed stuff we eat, fried junk, and fast foods that are just so easy to pick up when we are running late to get home. I have also been following a great inspiration, a women who has spent the last year eating keto and going from 300lbs to losing 100lbs from just eating this. She has a blog that I follow called Keto Karma, she also has a book that just launched in December called Simply Keto. Her name is Suzanne Ryan. In her book, she explains how she got to the point where there was nothing else for her to do anymore, after trying lots of other diets and decided that this was going to be the one to work for her. And guess what, it did! Just reading her journey on it is inspiring to know that it really does pay off in the end. I’m not going to lie, this is a bit tough and takes some dedication. You have to meal prep, your grocery list is going to get a little bit more expensive, but the end results for you is the best part, so it pays off. There is actually alot of information out there in the internet world that can help anyone who is maybe even just interested in learning about it. is a great resource as well. Did I also mention that the Simply Keto book that I got also has over 100 recipes in it for you?! I mean, how much more could you ask for? They are great ones too. I’ve made just about all of them and there isnt any that turn me away.


No, I’m not an advertisement for keto. And I’m not trying to get everyone on this new diet fad, my point here is to just let people know, who have questions about this diet, that it really is what is all cracked up to be. If your ready to take the first step and have the dedication, then I suggest why not give it a try?! I’m not an expert, but I am able to answer any questions that anyone has regarding it.

– E

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