Your body is a wonderland


How was everyone’s Easter? Every one get to eat delicious amazing food with all their close family and friends? Our Texas mom here (a close friends mom who moved here for her son) usually takes care of the holidays here for us, so this year a few days before Sunday she messages me and says that her husband was just attacked by a dog and he has to go into surgery and have his finger removed! Yes, his finger and no, I did not ask which one lol. That’s seriously everyone’s response after I tell them this. Anyways, so she had to cancel because she was pretty sure he wouldn’t want any company after that, which I totally agree. Isn’t that crazy!? Poor guy. Update: He’s doing good. Back at home, in lots of pain, but the medication that they gave him from the hospital is helping that some. So, instead we just stayed at home, cleaned up the house a bit, because I just had a close friend come stay a few days with us. And we literally just stayed in our jammies all day. It was the best family time, ever! Of course, I did take a shower, because sometimes you just wanna feel clean in nice warm pj’s too!

Speaking of showers…… (again, lol) Anyone ever heard of Raw Sugar? It’s amazing and it’s only sold at Target and online. A dear friend of mine who LOVES Target told me about this product and they have everything from shower gels, to hand soaps, to hand sanitizer and now they just came out with hair care!!! Of course its all natural! and they use a lot of fruits and vegetables to make their products. They use a cold press technology that keeps everything that’s good in each plant, and fruit at it’s best part. And of course you know that the main part on your body that you really should worry most about is your skin. Your skin is the gateway into your body. There is no filter on your skin when it comes in contact with any type of lotion, body wash, sun or scrub. You need to care for your skin the most. Moisturize it, keep it healthy. I know your thinking, it’s all natural so naturally that means it going to cost an arm and a leg, but honestly, it does not! That’s the best part. And last but not least, it has no sulfafes, no parabens, no phthalates and no dyes.

raw sugar

They have the most wonderful scents too. Lemon sugar, raw coconut and mango (my fav) and vanilla bean and sugar. Certain products you can purchase in the stores such as, body wash and hand soaps, (liquid and bar). All the other products you can get at Target or Raw Sugar Living. I have tried lot of other washes before from your regular Suave, cause lets face it, sometimes you just have to go cheap at that moment and that’s what you can get, to Burts Bee’s wash, which is actually a really good brand as well, but again, can get costly.

I honestly didn’t start caring about skin care products until I got pregnant with my first child. Everything that i was reading about how sensitive babies skin is in the first year, and how we need to make sure that we are taking good care of it. Also, about how Johnson and Johnson had some big problem with formaldehyde being in their baby products. Well, then that of course gets your brain thinking, especially as a new mom all the bad things that you could be putting on your baby or feeding them, blah blah blah. That could be a whole other topic of that issue in itself lol.

Does anyone have a body wash or lotion brand that they just cannot live without? I’m pretty close to not ever wanting to use something else after I have used all of this stuff. Dont fix it if it ain’t broken, right?


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