Friends til the end

Friendship: noun: the state of being a friend; association as friends: to value a person’s friendship.

Anyone have a best friend? How long? since you were kids? since you met in high school? Can you tell them anything? Share even the most gruesome and nastiest things ever? lol. I mean, that is what a best friend is for. They are there with you through every, amazing, heartbreaking, beyond repairable moment in your life, they know the worst about you, yet they still love you the most. That’s what a best friend is for.
As many of you have read in a past blog of mine, I had a friendship that has left me a bit… broken hearted still, and maybe this will help finally put my weary heart at ease? Friendships are just like relationships, right? Each person has to be committed in it. It’s all in or nothing. It doesnt work if only one person is trying. Texting, calling, asking to hang out, it takes 2 to tango. So since my break up, I’m very careful who I just go giving this title too now. I mean, I have my best friends from forever ago, who know me like the back of their hands, who I have been with since Jr. High. We live in different states, so again, that’s hard to stay connected all the time, as if they were here. In the mean time, friends who are around me, living in the same state, I am very careful who I let in my circle. I just dont want to get burned again. (if anyone knows what it feels like, you know what I’m talking about)
When we first moved to Texas, I had to keep my options opened because I didnt know anyone here. I wasnt working so it’s not like I was able to just make friends that easy. The job AJ had when we moved here had amazing people who we have become friends with and like to still hang out and be together with. And I quickly learned that back in MI I had a ton of friends that I knew and sometimes talked too, and sometimes hung out with, but when coming here to TX I only had a handful of friends, who I grew to love and get close with and I enjoy that way better than just having a ton of acquaintances.
Then I started to work about 3 years into moving here. Back at a Family Practice I went, because that is where I love being the most! And from working there, I met some of the best people there who have helped me to see things better about life, and to love things just a little bit more. To enjoy the things I have and the people I have with me. It was eye opening to say the least. (Remember, everything happens for a reason. It really does.)
Sometimes, though, those people fade out.  Life gets busy, jobs get busy, kids get busy. It’s like when you have kids, you have to basically put your whole life on hold for about a good 15 years, until the kids get old enough to start being on their own, then you can pick up with friends where you left off. But will they still be around when that time comes? Will they still be the same people the next time you see them? Can you really just pick up where you left off?
I love my friends. I believe I have a lot to offer for them. I like to make sure that they are happy all the time, be there for them when times are tough and they need to cry, or jump for joy when things are great. I have a big heart believe it or not, even though at times it can seem I’m just a little more stern than I look (there’s that resting bitch face I have lol). But I cant put my all into more friendships that dont get the same back that I give. If you dont have your friends, then who do you have?
PS, wanna know who my best friend is….. my husband :* (no joke, not lying lol)

8 thoughts on “Friends til the end

  1. Such a lovely read 🙂 Truly enjoyed it.


  2. I totally resonate in many ways with what you write! Friendships do come and go, but that isn’t always a bad thing. The seasons of life mature and change with time, and so do the people coming and going in our lives. My best friend is my significant other as well 🙂 (although I have a very close knit group of girlfriends too)


    1. I guess our significant others in the end, end up being our best friends cause they do know us the best, but my best girlfriends I think will always be our best friends first!


      1. So true. They are different types of best friends. Both very important


  3. Great topic, as always.


  4. I have always kept a small group…. for me it’s just better that way. I can’t keep up with everyone’s “stuff” when the circle gets too big. Lol. It’s funny how people come into ur life you never thought would leave, they move 20 minuets away and suddenly think ur too far to be friends. I hope we’re still friends when we’re 60.


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