This is it x 2….

I”m never sure how much to write on this thing, an essay, a paragraph, or a book? Regardless, I have just a few more things to say from yesterdays post, my tell all basically!

I’m originally from Michigan, the good ol’ mitten. We moved to Texas about 4 years ago, actually 4 years ago this April. My husband got a job offer from his work to come here to be closer to the main office, and he took it. At first I said ” Hell no, absolutely not!” we just had our son, I wanted to stay by my family and friends because that’s where my support was at. But an unfortunate turn of events happened with my best friend at the time, and we “broke up.” Seriously, whoever said a friendship of 6 years was not like a relationship is crazy! It most definitely was. I was heartbroken by the events that happened and I felt at that point Texas seemed like the perfect place to be at.

So, we packed up and we moved out. We boxed up the past 6 years of our lives in our tiny little condo we had and moved out. It was sad, Jack was just a little over a year and I was ready to just get there and start over and fresh. (Side note: even after these 4 years, it’s still hard for me to put someone in the best friend zone after all of that, who does that? lol). I have met some of my closest friends living here in Texas in such a short time. I don’t regret ever moving here either. At times it is hard because we don’t have our support and help but it works out that my dad works for Delta and my  mom doesn’t work, so she gets to come here as often as she pleases. My brother also recently moved here about 2 years ago with his family, they have 2 kids as well. So my parents grandchildren are both in the same state when she visits.

Here we are, 4 years later, we have bought a house, we have 2 children, I have a great husband. I did go back to work for a year, but daycare for 2 kids is INSANE!! And now, my oldest is in preschool 2 days a week, so I”m staying at home again. It’s crazy, and I want to pull my hair out sometimes or just lock myself in the bathroom for just 15 minutes, cause lets face it, being a stay at home mom, or just mom in general is the hardest, and to just keep your cool and patience is something we have to learn to do. I cannot even count on a shower, by myself without having a kid in there with me to make it go quicker on bath night. But honestly, I love my kids! They are the best part of my day and they keep my life adventurous.

And for now, I’m trying out this “blog thing,” I’m thinking that it will keep me occupied when I need to have just a little “me time” for a minute. Plus, the bonus is, I get to talk with other people, help them with things they need advice on, maybe even make some new friends along the way? Who knows, but I’ll never know unless I give it a try!


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